Information on powders from Jeff Davison

As from June 1st this year the EU will ban the import of powders that are not REACH compliant.

This, in effect, means that stock of most of the "American" powders will start to dry up as very few of them are compliant.

So, now would be a really good time to either massively stock pile or switch to a European based alternative powder.
Of course prices will invariably rise considerably throughot the this year as they did when Varget was in short supply.

A more detailed explanation follows,

"With regard to propellants, the REACH proposals will be implemented as of 01.06.2018, this means any non-compliant products cannot be imported into the country / EU on or after that date. Anything arrived and through customs before that date is OK and can still enter the distribution / retail chain.

Edgar Brothers are still ordering affected products and hopes to get as much as possible in before the axe falls, and no doubt odd tins will still turn up in retailers' cupboard in 20 (50?) years time given the number of ancient steel gray-painted tins of ICI Nobel powders around that have somehow survived. The problem Edgars have is that they already have literally thousands of pounds of Hodgdon powder on back order whose chances of eventual delivery even without the REACH cut-off is small to nil. (Let's be honest and just say nil!) So, although some more is going to arrive, it won't last long.

All European manufactured grades are OK - so Viht, Nitrochemie (Reload Swiss), Alliant ATK Reloder rifle grades (all made by Bofors and Nitrochemie), Ramshot (manufactured by PB Clermont in Belgium, part of the SNPE Eurenco group); SNPE Vectan are compliant.

Losing their CE certification as of 1st June this year are:

All Hodgdon ADI Manufactured extruded grades (also includes two IMR branded grades - 8208 XBR and Trail Boss), so H4198 through to H1000 and Retumbo 'gone'.

All General Dynamics St. Marks Powder Florida factory grades bar maybe a couple - all Winchester powders and nearly all Hodgdon 'spherical' powders are non-compliant. Hodgdon Lil Gun is compliant, and there is a question mark re the most recent introduction - H. CFE223. So, H335, BL-C(2), H414 and so-called 'Hybrid' powders made by St Marks (H100V and a few more), H. Super and Lever ... formance spherical powders will no longer be imported from the middle of next year.

All 'legacy' IMR powders made by General Dynamics Canada, in Valleyfield, Quebec are non-compliant, ie the traditional grades made by the Du Pont Corporation in the USA and taken to Canada under new ownership are non-compliant. Ie IMR-4198 through to IMR-7828 and including many old favourites such as 3031, 4895, and 4064.

GD Canada has introduced five new 'green' pistol / revolver grades and four rifle grades that are all REACH compliant, although not all may have been CE certified under the new standards yet. In rifle propellants, that's the new IMR 'Enduron' quartet - and I would hope that this number will be expanded but have no hard information as to whether that is a possibility. The Endurons are: IMR-4166 (H4895 / VarGet replacement); 4451 (vice IMR/H4350); 4955 (vice IMR-4831/H4831); 7977 (vice IMR-7828/H1000). 4166, 4451, and 7977 are CE certified and available now - having tried them, I'm impressed and reckon they will fill many gaps. IMR-4955 has only recently been introduced and hasn't got here yet."


Kind regards,

Jeff 🙂


We have had a couple of quiet months over the winter period but now we are into the new year we have a relative flurry of activity!

Firstly please note the proposed shoot dates for Ponteland for 2018 in the dates section. We have submitted these to Landmarc and are awaiting confirmation. I will update the dates section as soon as they are confirmed.

It was  decided to try a few all day shoots in the warmer months . We will try to book some Otterburn shoots also,as we did last year ,as they proved to be a great success.

Secondly as Treasurer I would like to ask you all for your hard earned money . The subscriptions for 2018 will remain unchanged at £60 and are due on 1st April 2018. The cut off date is 29th April 2018. I have sent you all an email  ( or letter )regarding subs.

Lastly It was decided that if any club members wanted to sell any unwanted equipment to other club members they may do so in the members only section of the website. Jeff Davison is looking at bulk purchases to help keep costs down for members. Please see members section for details.



Cancellation of Otterburn Shoot 11th of November ( CLICK HERE TO VIEW OR LEAVE COMMENT )

Once again John O'Connor has been doing his bit for the club by attending the Range Briefing at Otterburn ( which is now mandatory ).

He has been informed that there are now no facilities available on 11th Nov 2017. Which basically means the shoot is cancelled.

This again highlights that despite our best efforts gaining different shooting venues is not as easy as it would appear. The weekend shoots at Otterburn are particularly prone to cancellations. Hopefully the other shooting dates booked for Otterburn remain unchanged .


In our quest to broaden our shooting horizons we have been looking at other venues to visit. Particularly with a view to accessing some longer range shooting. We are pleased to confirm that after discussion with Darrel from Galloway Small Arms Club we have come to a reciprocal arrangement to attend their Ingleston range . This is a 1000m range near Castle Douglas. The range is just south of the village of Gelston.

Full members of Three Counties Sporting Club are welcome to join Galloway Small Arms Club with a supporting letter from the committee. Or alternatively members of Three Counties can attend The Ingleston Shoots with prior arrangement for a one off range fee .

The details of the shoot dates and fees are listed in our Members Section